Torekov is situated in the westernmost part, the peak, of the Bjäre peninsula. Once a prominent fishing village, according to some at one point hosting a population larger than Helsingborg’s, now a small town that expands immensely in population during the summer months.
One interested in the history of Torekov, can find plenty in the numerous books written on the subject. For instance, Torekov was the place where the treaty that took away the Swedish Monarch’s last constitutional powers was signed. If one is particularly interested in the history of the Harbour of Torekov, more information is to be found under the headline “About the Harbour”.

For those more keen to learn about activities in Torekov and it’s proximity, we suggest a visit to Torekov’s tourist centre.

Another well-known attraction close by is Hallands Väderö, an uninhabited island, home to a natural reserve of unique environment.

In the Harbour of Torekov the following businesses operate:
Fiskhuset – restaurant
Hamnkrogen – restaurant
Lejonet & Björnen – ice cream stand
Moby’s Shack & Piraten – restaurant, pizzeria, kiosk
Varvet mat & vin – restaurant
Väderötrafiken – ferry service to Hallands Väderö m.m.
Ystad Skeppshandel – sale of boating related goods.