A good reference point when approaching Torekov is the large white church, which is visible from afar. Once closer to Torekov, two red and white triangles (dark hours: constant red lights) constitute a line in 124,5 degrees, which mark a channel deeper than the surrounding waters.

After the inlet of the harbour is passed, the vessel speed limit is strictly three knots. Most of the spots where guesting boats can dock, are found in the old fishing harbour, which is the innermost part of the harbour. Keep to starboard and follow the westerly pier (where available berths are marked by a green sign) to get there.

Sometimes a couple of mooring locations are also available astern of the Search and
Resuce vessel Rescue Gripen, and by the small wooden pier slightly east of her. Please do notice that berths for guesting vessels are only available at the outermost of the floating jetties that connect to the eastern pier. The traffic along the jetties inward from there is sometimes very heavy and all traffic by guesting vessels banned.

Possible locations for guesting boats to dock along the piers are marked with green in the map below. Mooring along the pier where the two ferries to Hallands Väderö lie is strictly prohibited. The same rule applies to the service pier in other circumstances than when one is bunkering or emptying waste. A part of the guest harbour is reserved (yellow colour in the map below) for vessels of draft exceeding 2,5 meters, or length superior to 18 meters (59 feet). Notice to the harbour office should be made well in advance of approach with such a vessel.

Mooring is primarily done to concrete piers with metal rings. We kindly ask all guesting vessels to use sufficient fenders, as changes in water level and wind direction (particularly winds from west) can push vessels against the piers.