Length of vesselHigh Season*Rest of the year
Less than 10 meters
Less then 33 feet
309 SEK199 SEK
10-14 meters
33-45 feet
429 SEK315 SEK
14-18 meters (width less than 5 meters)
46-59 feet
715 SEK475 SEK
Longer than 18 meters (advance notice is to be made)
longer than 59 feet
1380 SEK919 SEK

* High season 2023: 12th of June– 21st of August

Included in the fee is access to showers and toilets, drinking water, electricity, laundry facilities and WIFI. More information in this regard can be found under “Facilities”.
The harbour does not handle cash. All fees are paid in the vending machine by the harbour office or directly to the employees of the harbour.
Harbour duties are to be paid in the first hour upon approach. If that is not the case, the fee is doubled.

We can only reserve berths for vessels which confine with at least one of the criteria below:
Length o.a. exceeding 18 meters (60 feet)
Width 5 meters or superior
Draft exceeding 2,5 meters.

Boat ramp fee

69 SEK. for one occasion, or season pass for 345 kr.
If the fee hasn’t been posted in advance of usage, a control fee of 500 SEK. is to be paid.