Guest harbour

At the edge of cape Bjärehalvön you will find the village Torekov with a small fishing and boat harbour dating from the Middle Ages.
In the waters just outside Torekov the beautiful island Hallands Väderö is situated, which is a unique nature reserve. Right in the harbour, there is a spa and seaweed bath house, several restaurants, a marine shop, fishing huts and the Maritime Museum, installed at the stern of an old sailing vessel. A supermarket, post office and bike hire is about 700 meters from the port.

The entrance to the harbour is well marked. Both piers are lit. Places for guest boats are found mostly in the old harbour, the outer pier at the east part of the harbour and on marked locations on the west pier. The harbour fee are paid in a vending machine outside the harbour office or in cash at the harbour office.

For our guests there is toilets, showers, electricity, tap water and a laundry room, which are included in the harbour fee. The harbour also has a recycling center.

Welcome to Torekov harbour!


Boat lengthJune 13th-August 16thRest of the year
< 10 metersSEK 269SEK 175
10-14 metersSEK 375SEK 275
14-18 metersSEK 625SEK 425
>18 meters
(notification must
be made)
SEK 1200SEK 800